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SQL Saturday Baton Rouge 2023
baton-rouge community-events sql-saturday
SQL If Exists Then Drop (Updated)
code-snippet database development sql
Back to Basics: Unit Testing
dotnet unit-testing baton-rouge xunit presentations sql-saturday
SQL Saturday Baton Rouge 2022
baton-rouge community-events sql-saturday
Bootstrap 5 CDN Fallback
bootstrap development javascript web
What Tools Do I Use? June 2020 Edition
productivity tools
SQL Last Day of Month
code-snippet development sql
How I Cut the Cord
hardware personal-computing review software
Update on ASP.NET Forms Bootstrap Menu Control
development dotnet aspnet aspnet-forms bootstrap code html responsive
Using a Recursive CTE to Build Paths
code-snippet development sql
ASP.NET Forms Disabled CSS for BootStrap
aspnet bootstrap code-snippet css development web
ASP.NET Membership Log Out
development dotnet aspnet code-snippet security web
Testable WebForms with MVP
aspnet baton-rouge presentations sql-saturday web
SQL Saturday Baton Rouge 2014
baton-rouge community-events sql-saturday
ASP.NET Forms Bootstrap Menu Control
development dotnet aspnet aspnet-forms bootstrap code html5 responsive
Uncle Bob on Professional Software Development
craftsmanship development software video
What Tools Do I Use? Oct 2013 Edition
productivity tools
Lazy Strategy Pattern
development dotnet code design-pattern strategy-pattern
SQL If Exists Then Drop
code-snippet database development sql
Visual Studio Tips and Tricks: Debugging
dotnet debug development microsoft presentations video visual-studio
March 2013 Nicholls Presentation
dotnet aspnet presentations visual-studio
Visual Studio Tips and Tricks
development dotnet microsoft presentations video visual-studio
A Simple CSV Export?
development software
Wireless Security Tip: Don't Connect Automatically
personal-computing security wifi
.NET String Concatenation
code development dotnet performance string stringbuilder
2012 Baton Rouge SQL Saturday & Tech Day
baton-rouge dotnet community-events louisiana microsoft sharepoint sql sql-saturday
Back to Basics: System.String
development dotnet code string
Null Coalescing Operator
code development dotnet null operator
HTML5 and target="_blank"
development html javascript xhtml
Get a String from a MemoryStream
development dotnet code string
Calculate Elapsed Time in .NET
development dotnet code stopwatch
SP 2010 Site Collection PowerShell Script
code database development powershell script sharepoint site-collection
Video: Code Monkey
MCPD Web Developer 4
dotnet aspnet certifications microsoft
SharePoint Saturday New Orleans 2011
community-events new-orleans sharepoint sharepoint-saturday
MCPD Web Developer Upgraded to 3.5
dotnet aspnet certifications microsoft
jQuery XHTML Strict Target="_blank" Solution
code development javascript jquery web
SharePoint Web Part XML Properties
development sharepoint web-part xml
Programmatically Update Web Part Properties
development dotnet code sharepoint web-part
Web Parts Presentation Materials
aspnet presentations sharepoint web-part
Setup a 'Get Public Key' Tool
development microsoft sharepoint tools visual-studio
Prompt Users to Save Changes
code development firefox internet-explorer javascript web web-browser
November 11th Speaking Engagement
new-orleans presentations sharepoint user-group visual-studio web-part
SQL Server Foreign Keys and Indexes
database development foreign-key index microsoft sql
Article: 10 Steps to Better SharePoint Development
development dotnet microsoft sharepoint
SQL Saturday #28: Baton Rouge
baton-rouge community-events louisiana sql sql-saturday
SharePoint Web Part Maintenance Page
development sharepoint web-part
VirtualBox UUID Change Script
personal-computing script virtualbox virtualization
InfoPath Data into SharePoint List and SQL
code development dotnet infopath sharepoint sql workflow xml
Browser List Form Editing
development form list sharepoint web-browser
New Programming Jargon
MCTS: MOSS 2007 Application Development
certifications microsoft sharepoint
ado-net certifications microsoft
Video: The Vender Client Relationship
humor video
Video: n00b Boyfriend
humor video
Video: Coder Girl
humor video
Computer Induced Headache
computer hardware
T-SQL String Padding Functions
code database development microsoft sql
MCTS WSS 3.0 App Dev
certifications microsoft sharepoint wss
MCTS Web Apps
aspnet certifications microsoft
Let the adventures begin!
development microsoft sharepoint training
First MS Cert
aspnet certifications microsoft
Know thy Google!
google personal-computing
Programmer Personality Test
Is your favorite application portable?
personal-computing review software windows
Secure Computing: Up-To-Date Anti-Virus
anti-virus personal-computing security
iPod Battery Not Holding a Charge?
ipod personal-computing
Advanced Google Features
google personal-computing
Handling New Windows in Strict DTDs
css development javascript xhtml
Phishing and Pharming, Awareness and Prevention
personal-computing pharming phishing security
What is RSS?
personal-computing rss