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Bootstrap 5 CDN Fallback
bootstrap development javascript web
SQL Last Day of Month
code-snippet development sql
Update on ASP.NET Forms Bootstrap Menu Control
development dotnet aspnet aspnet-forms bootstrap code html responsive
Using a Recursive CTE to Build Paths
code-snippet development sql
ASP.NET Forms Disabled CSS for BootStrap
aspnet bootstrap code-snippet css development web
ASP.NET Membership Log Out
development dotnet aspnet code-snippet security web
ASP.NET Forms Bootstrap Menu Control
development dotnet aspnet aspnet-forms bootstrap code html5 responsive
Uncle Bob on Professional Software Development
craftsmanship development software video
Lazy Strategy Pattern
development dotnet code design-pattern strategy-pattern
SQL If Exists Then Drop
code-snippet database development sql
Visual Studio Tips and Tricks: Debugging
dotnet debug development microsoft presentations video visual-studio
Visual Studio Tips and Tricks
development dotnet microsoft presentations video visual-studio
A Simple CSV Export?
development software
.NET String Concatenation
code development dotnet performance string stringbuilder
Back to Basics: System.String
development dotnet code string
Null Coalescing Operator
code development dotnet null operator
HTML5 and target="_blank"
development html javascript xhtml
Get a String from a MemoryStream
development dotnet code string
Calculate Elapsed Time in .NET
development dotnet code stopwatch
SP 2010 Site Collection PowerShell Script
code database development powershell script sharepoint site-collection
jQuery XHTML Strict Target="_blank" Solution
code development javascript jquery web
SharePoint Web Part XML Properties
development sharepoint web-part xml
Programmatically Update Web Part Properties
development dotnet code sharepoint web-part
Setup a 'Get Public Key' Tool
development microsoft sharepoint tools visual-studio
Prompt Users to Save Changes
code development firefox internet-explorer javascript web web-browser
SQL Server Foreign Keys and Indexes
database development foreign-key index microsoft sql
Article: 10 Steps to Better SharePoint Development
development dotnet microsoft sharepoint
SharePoint Web Part Maintenance Page
development sharepoint web-part
InfoPath Data into SharePoint List and SQL
code development dotnet infopath sharepoint sql workflow xml
Browser List Form Editing
development form list sharepoint web-browser
T-SQL String Padding Functions
code database development microsoft sql
Let the adventures begin!
development microsoft sharepoint training
Handling New Windows in Strict DTDs
css development javascript xhtml